Garden Design

Understanding your needs
The first step is to arrange an appointment where we will meet to view your garden and talk through your ideas, tastes, styles, colours, likes, dislikes and also, what you realistically want to spend. All this information is noted and enables us to confirm the design and if necessary, surveying costs.

In order to draw and produce a garden design, a scaled drawing is required that details boundaries, outbuilding, levels and services etc. This can be arranged by either yourselves or by us.

Garden Design
Having established an understanding of you, your home and your needs we now work on turning that information into a design which before completion you will have the opportunity to review. This is done by the presentation of conceptual ideas including outline drawings, sketches, material samples, examples etc. Upon agreement of the concept proposals we proceed to a final design of the garden which is often referred to as the master plan. This scaled drawing will give you a clear vision of your new garden and is presented along with an estimated break down of costs relating to your budget.

Landscape construction
With a design in place, we can now move on to realising the dream and work towards constructing and planting your garden. We may need to prepare construction drawings in order to determine the exact method of build in some areas, in the same way an architect would for a house or house extension. Such requirements would be explained to you during the design concept stage along with any cost implications. Confirmation of specification and price will be presented for you to agree prior to us undertaking any construction work.

Contract management
If you simply wanted us to undertake the design of your garden, we are able to offer a contract planning and management service.

Plants and Planting
We can prepare planting plans to detail the exact specie and location to suit the new garden and matched to your budget needs. We can then source the plants, plant them and guide you on their maintenance.