Whether we are constructing complete gardens from our own designs or simply undertaking specific landscaping jobs we have expertise able to deliver a wide range of skills and finishes. Site references are available to discuss our workmanship and via arrangement, visit throughout Surrey and Middlesex:

Patio stone surfaces
Natural sandstone, limestone, granite, precast concrete etc. can all be supplied in numerous colours, sizes and finishes to help create the style and chosen effect required. Laying patterns, trim styles and pointing all contribute to making the required finish.

In situ and exposed concrete surfaces
Concrete can be far from a just a functional surface, It can be moulded, coloured or etched to expose decorative stone detail that can be mixed and bonded into the concrete mix, achieving a hard wearing, permanent and unique surface.

Timber decking
A very versatile surface that can link in well with internal living space and that can be elevated quite easily on posts to overcome slopes low grown, over water or to allow split levels. Hard or treated soft wood boarding can be laid straight or at differing angles to create varying effects. Bridges and board walks from decking provide further details and elements for the garden.

Gravel pathways and patios
Gravel and stone chippings provide another versatile surface for paths, patios and driveways. Available in numerous forms from natural smooth or angular gravel to granite and slate clippings with colour and size to contrast or harmonize with so many applications.

Block Paving/ Driveways
Now available in a much wider range of materials such as sandstone and granite, the modular block paver provides an ideal surface for vehicular and pedestrian use. Water drainage can either be collected via run off to the garden, via drainage gully’s to soakaways or by installing a permeable block paving system.